New Monster [String Master] Giveaway & Skill Level-up Event

Two new Monsters are coming to Summoners War soon!

>> Two New Monsters Pre-Notice - Art Master and String Master


Participate in the event to get the new Monster [String Master] and level up the skills of [String Master] (event exclusive)!

Please read below for more info.


 Event Schedule

May 24th 7pm - Jun. 8th 7:59am PDT

* Rewards available until Jun. 9th 7:59am PDT


 Event Details

EVENT 1. Complete daily missions and summon missions to gather points.


 [Daily Missions] 

- Enter the Scenario/ World Boss/ Tartarus' Labyrinth 15 times

- Enter the Cairos Dungeon 10 times

- Enter the Arena/ Guild Battle/ Siege Battle 10 times

- Enter the Rift Raid/ Rift Dungeon 10 times


* Daily missions reset every day at 8am PDT.

* Entering Dimensional Rift, Secret Dungeon, Hall of Heroes and World Arena won't count.

* For Tartarus' Labyrinth, the count will go up when you successfully attack stages. In case of Time Limit stages, the no. of battles won in the labyrinth will be counted when the battle ends.


 [Daily Rewards] 

- Complete 1 mission: 50,000 Mana Stones + 2pts

- Complete 2 missions: 50 Energy 3pts

- Complete 3 missions: One reward among Mystical Scroll, Crystals and Summoning Stones 5pts


* Daily rewards can be claimed once a day and each day resets at 8am PDT.

* After completing missions, tap the [Collect] button to have your Points Acquired Today count go up.

* [Points Acquired Today] can be earned up to 10 points per day and each day resets at 8am PDT.

* The reward for [completing 3 missions] changes every day among Mystical Scroll, Crystals and Summoning Stones and each day resets at 8am PDT.


BONUS. Summon monsters during the event for more points.

- Summon a default 3★ Monster once: 1pts

- Summon a default 4★+ Monster once: 10pts


* Summons performed via Monster Summoning Pieces won't count.

* You can earn up to 100 points during the event.


EVENT 2. Get various rewards based on the points you earned from daily missions and summon missions.

- 10pts: 100 Energy

- 30pts: 200,000 Mana Stones + 20 Ancient Coins

- 50pts: 50 Summoning Stones

- 70pts: 100 Crystals 30 Ancient Coins

- 100pts: String Master Scroll

- 150pts: Devilmon


* [String Master] Scroll can be claimed after the update.

* Rewards will be sent to the Inbox. The claimed scroll can be used in the Summonhenge.

* When you use the [String Master] Scroll, a random attribute among Fire, Water and Wind will be summoned.


EVENT 3. Use [Acquired Points in Total] to level up skills of the new Monster [String Master] or purchase various items at the Point Shop.


* EVENT 3 opens when you collect the [String Master] Scroll from EVENT 2.


★Update exclusive! [String Master] Skill Level-up★

Use points to level up skills of the [String Master] you possess!

You can perform the skill level-up up to 3 times, and each skill level-up costs 50 points.


* You can level up skills of any [String Master] you possess regardless of their attributes, up to 3 times during the event.

* Available Points will be deducted instantly when you level up the skill.


★Point Shop★

Use points to purchase various items.

Please note that each item requires different amount of points and has different purchase limits.


EXP Booster (12H) (-5pts): Available 1 time

30 Crystals (-10pts): Available 5 times

1 Reappraisal Stone (-15pts): Available 1 time

- Attribute Scroll (Water/Fire/Wind) (-30pts): Available 1 time


* Available Points will be deducted instantly upon purchase, and the purchased items will be sent to your Inbox.




※ Please Read

* The rewards will be available for 24 hours after the event ends.

* Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.

* Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

* The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in.

* For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting​