Global 6 Yr. Daily Joyful Event!

Greetings from Com2uS!


Summoners War would like to celebrate our global service 6th anniversary with 6 different events!

Please read below for more info.



<EVENT 1. Rune +6 Power-up Triple Support>


 Event Schedule

After the [Legendary Lucky Board Event] opens - Jul. 5th 11:59pm

* Based on the server time


​ Event Details

We will support your Rune Power-ups!

① [Free Rune power-up cost] until Rune +6

② [100% power-up success rate applied] until Rune +6

③ [6 Power-up Stones] sent to your Inbox when you log in to the game every day

* First Power-up Stones will be given on Jun. 7th 7pm PDT at all servers, and will be distributed at 12am in each server time afterwards.


 What are Power-up Stones?

The rune power-up success rate will be increased by 2 times when you use Power-up Stones!

Select a Rune to power-up, and check the Power-up Stone before proceeding the power-up.


* Power-up Stones will expire on Jul. 20th 7:59am PDT.

* Please check your Inbox if you're already logged in to the game during the power-up stone distribution time.



<EVENT 2. Doubled Burning Time>


​ Event Schedule

1st: Jun. 8th 12pm - Jun. 14th 9pm

2nd: Jun. 22nd 8am - Jun. 28th 9pm


[2x EXP + 2x Mana Stone] Time

① 8am - 9am (1 hour)

② 12pm - 1pm (1 hour)

③ 8pm - 9pm (1 hour)

④ 12am - 1am (1 hour)


* The event will be held based on the server time.

* The event will start at 12pm on the first day of the event (Jun. 8th) and will be held until 9pm on the last day of the event for each session (Jun. 14th and Jun. 28th).


​ Event Details

Enjoy 2x EXP and 2x Mana Stones during the event time!


 2x Mana Stones will be applied to

- All scenario areas (13 areas) of all difficulty levels

- Cairos Dungeon (all dungeons)

- Dimensional Rifts

- Arena

- Tartarus' Labyrinth

- Dimension Hole


 If the EXP Booster is already in use

- The remaining event time will be added to the booster time based on the time you've accessed the game instead of temporarily holding the booster time.

- 2x EXP from the EXP Booster and 2x EXP from the burning time event can't be applied at the same time.

* You can't get 4x EXP by using EXP booster during the 2x EXP burning time event.



<EVENT 3. 2x Essence Drop Amount>


​ Event Schedule

1st: Jun. 13th 6pm - 7pm (1 hour) 

2nd: Jul. 4th 6pm - 7pm (1 hour)

* Based on the server time


​ Event Details

The amount of Essences earned from the [Hall of Magic and Attribute Dungeons] will be increased by 2 times during the event.

(Example: You can acquire 6 Essences during the event instead of 3 Essences.)



<EVENT 4. 2x Rift Dungeon Crystal Drop Amount>


​ Event Schedule

1st: Jun. 14th 6pm - 7pm (1 hour) 

2nd: Jul. 5th 6pm - 7pm (1 hour) 

* Based on the server time


​ Event Details

The amount of Crystals earned from the [Rift of Worlds - Fire Beast/ Ice Beast/ Wind Beast/ Light Beast/ Dark Beast] will be increased by 2 times during the event.

(Example: You can acquire Whirling Wind Crystal x26, Condensed Magic Crystal x12 and Pure Magic Crystal x12 during the event instead of Whirling Wind Crystal x13, Condensed Magic Crystal x6 and Pure Magic Crystal x6 from completing the Wind Beast battle once.)



<EVENT 5. 1 Additional Glory Point>


​ Event Schedule

​1st: Jun. 15th 12am - Jun. 21st 11:59pm

2nd: Jun. 29th 12am - Jul. 5th 11:59pm 

* Based on the server time


​ Event Details

The amount of [Glory Points] earned by winning in Arena Battle will be increased by 1 during the event.

You can purchase various items with Glory Points by going to [Shop > Glory > Arena].

(Example: You can acquire 6 Glory Points during the event instead of 5 Glory Points.)

* You can acquire 2 additional Glory Points when you win the Arena battle if the Daily Pack Ⅱ effect is activated.



<EVENT 6. Global Service 6th Anniversary Special! Legendary Lucky Board Event>


​ In celebration of our global service 6th anniversary, we're giving out [Legendary Water/ Fire/ Wind Scrolls] as event rewards!

Don't miss out on this awesome event!


We hope you enjoy our amazing six events!

Thank you.​