Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War Official Esports Channel



Rap by 1Kyne
Sung by Moon Yoojung, Jangmi
Music by JAWAN
[Notes on using library]

The creators (1Kyne, Moon Yoojung, Jangmi and JAWAN) and Com2uS have all rights to copyright and sales of the Summoners War cinematic original soundtrack "Summon Party", which is distributed freely. The use of library is limited to the followings except the individual listening.

1. The act of using for clip web upload (including Vimeo and YouTube), podcast, sky wave, ground wave TV, advertisement (including ground wave and cable TV advertisements), radio CM, game, software, web drama, movies (short and long films), performance, exhibitions, etc.
2. The act of inserting and using on any media that requires "sound source"
3. The act of inserting into various contents produced for commercial purposes, such as sales or using in public
4. The act of using for the purposes described in "artwork registration"
5. The act of transferring, giving or duplicating to others (individuals, organizations, companies, etc.) for free or with charge
6. The act of providing to a third party over a network line as a service that publishes or streams independently
7. The act of selling the music in record form by copying, extracting, or editing
8. The act of reselling as a second-hand goods in "open market" etc.
9. The act of uploading or disclosing distributed music to public places such as P2P sites, portal sites in the form of file sharing
10. The act of publishing or selling by using a sound source except for simple editing (cutting, volume control, fade in/out, etc.) as MR track or adding additional instruments in the music
11. The act of presenting played music or playing the library music in public place
12. The act of distributing music file in a form where it can be divided (saved) separately when used as the background music of software (mobile application, game, etc.)
13. The act of using the music file as a sound source (embedded) installed in production on hardware (various digital devices, toys, smartphones, publications, etc.) rather than software, regardless of all cases