SWC2021 Preliminary Results and Regional Cup Schedule Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

SWC2021 preliminaries have come to an end with the last week's Asia-Pacific Preliminary Group D matches.
If you want to watch the preliminary matches again, please visit our Summoners War Esports YouTube channel 

まつ@げりらじ) and OSSERU (オッセール) from the Asia-Pacific Preliminary Group D advanced to the ASIA-PACIFIC CUP,
and Chene, Łivert, PinkRoid~ and Viilipytty advanced to the EUROPE CUP!

Now, the eight players of each region (24 players in total) will fight in the regional cups to advance to the World Finals in November.
Please read below for more info on the regional cups.

Tournament Method
- Single elimination
- All matches: Best of five

- Sep. 12th 11am PDT
- 1st and 2nd place players will advance to the World Finals.

- Oct. 1st 10pm PDT
- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players will advance to the World Finals.

- Oct. 23rd 5am PDT
- 1st and 2nd place players will advance to the World Finals.

* TARS (
卻倚緩弦歌別) from the China Qualification Match on Aug. 7th (local time) has won and advanced to the World Finals.

SWC2021 World Finals will be held on Nov. 13th 9pm PST, and we will be holding various events such as Prediction Event and Support Event. Please make sure to check them out in the future.

In addition, the official SWC2021 soundtrack and music video with great artists will be released soon!

* All SWC2021 matches will be held online without on-site spectators.
** You can check the weekly match schedule and results of SWC2021 from the SWC2021 official page (

Please give a big round of applause for all contenders played in the preliminaries, and stay tuned for the SWC2021 regional cups!

Thank you.