SWC2021 EUROPE CUP Schedule Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

Six world finalists have been confirmed, and now <EUROPE CUP> will be held to determine the last two world finalists to play in the <WORLD FINALS>!
Which players will advance to the <WORLD FINALS>?
Please read below for more info.

Watch the EUROPE CUP Bracket Draw ▶

■ Stream Schedule
Oct. 23th 5am PDT

■ Stream Language and Team
EN: dGon, Stoic, OnceInLuv
KR: Her Jun, Byunja, 야삐Yabbi
JP: kic, takuzo10, Ayumi Takeishi
DE: xNightx96, Mards, Marius Verdipwnz
FR: Sheisou, MrWendy, FredZolf
RU: Kabzon, HeyDashuk
IT: DoubleDamage, FedeITSW
ES: Kachu, Zerpolita
PT: Mr.Sloth, Monagua
CNT: Er!cB, Pkkfear
HK: LOSN, Alan

■ Stream Channel: Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel [GO] and Com2uS Twitch Channel
* Subscribe to the Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel and turn on the notification to receive a notification when the livestream begins!

■ Tournament Method
- Single elimination
- All matches: Best of five
▶ 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players will advance to the WORLD FINALS scheduled on Nov. 12th.

Send a message to support the players you are rooting for from the SWC2021 Online Support Event!
- EUROPE CUP support participation deadline: Oct. 21st 10pm PDT

Predict the results of EUROPE CUP from the in-game EVENT Tab > SWC2021 Regional Cup Prediction Event!
- EUROPE CUP prediction deadline: Oct. 23rd 4:30am PDT

* All matches of SWC2021 will be held online with no audiences.
** The entire schedule of SWC2021 can be checked from the SWC2021 official website. (

Please stay tuned for the <Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021>, where the Summoners compete to become the best Summoner of 2021!

Thank you.