SWC2021 Europe CUP Result Notice


Greetings from Com2uS!


SWC2021 EUROPE CUP has ended.

Summoners who missed the tournament livestream can watch it again from the link below.


Summoners War YouTube Esports Channel [Watch Again]


Now, here are the match results of the EUROPE CUP!

<Tournament Result>


1st place: PINKROID~​ advances to the WORLD FINALS!



2nd place: ISMOO​ advances to the WORLD FINALS!


3rd place (tied): SEIISHIZO, LIVERT​



1st and 2nd players will be playing at the <SWC2021 World Finals> scheduled on Nov. 12th PST.

Please give a big round of applause to all Summoners who fought hard in the tournament.


Now, here are the winners of the SWC2021 Online Support Event! (14 winners in total)

☆ Prize: Night Lady Occult Girl Figurine


* Congratulations to the Summoners who have won the event. An email regarding receiving the prize will be sent to the email address you entered when participating in the event. 

* There may be a restriction of receiving the prize if you don't enter the required information to receive the prize. 

* Night Lady Occult Girl Figurine will be sent out in late December.

* Check out the Online Support Event page! >>


The last stage to determine the best Summoner of all is coming soon. Please root for the eight finalists of SWC2021 WORLD FINALS!





Please stay tuned for the SWC2021 World Finals scheduled on Nov. 12th PST!