v8.1.4 Update Notice


Greetings from Com2uS! Summoners War v8.1.4 has been updated. Please check below for details!


* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.



v8.1.4 Update Details



▶ The v8.1.4 update we notified previously in the Developer's Note is now live!

- For more details, please check out the [Developer's Note].

[Read Developer's Note (Part I)] / [Read Developer's Note (Part II)]


▶ Summoner Level Revamp

- The MAX Summoner Lv. has been expanded from Lv. 50 to Lv. 100.

: Your current Summoner Lv. and EXP will remain as they are even after the v8.1.4 update.


- With the expansion of the MAX Summoner Lv, the base Energy storage has been increased as well.

: The overall Energy storage of each Summoner Lv. has been increased as the base Energy storage has increased.


* Your MAX Energy storage will be changed according to your current Summoner Lv. upon logging in after the v8.1.4 update patch. The preexisting effects of statues and Daily Pack Ⅰ won't be changed, but you can increase the MAX Energy storage by upgrading the revamped Summoner skills for glory building effects.


- [Summoner's Tower] Various buff effects of the previous glory buildings and guild flags have been changed into unique Summoner skills that can be upgraded via level-up.

- You will get 5 skill points per level-up from Summoner Lv. 21 to Lv. 100, and you can upgrade various buff effects with these points. Upgrading a skill requires 1 skill point.



※ Skill Points Refund and Additional Rewards After the v8.1.4 Update

1) If the upgrade level of glory buildings and guild flags before the v8.1.4 update is higher than the skill points to be provided according to the Summoner Lv., the Summoner skill that has the same effect as the previous glory building and guild flag will be upgraded to the previous upgrade level automatically.

: You can check the description of the upgraded skill via the Summoner's Tower > Skill menu upon logging in after the v8.1.4 update is completed. You can reset the upgraded skills for free once, but the reset feature will be displayed as disabled if all the skills are fully upgraded and there are no skills left to upgrade.


2) If the upgrade level of previous glory buildings and guild flags before the v8.1.4 update is lower than the skill points to be provided according to the Summoner Lv., skill points will be refunded and you can check the status of the refunded skill points via the Summoner's Tower > Skill menu. You can instantly upgrade Summoner skills of your choice with your skill points.


3) The additional rewards related to glory buildings and guild flags upgrade shared in the Developer's Note Part II will be sent to your Inbox upon logging in after the v8.1.4 update is completed.

: Please note the reward will be stored in your Inbox for 7 days.


▶ Changes Made According to the Glory Building and Guild Flag Update

- [Shop > Building > Decoration] 20 glory buildings and guild flags have been added to decoration buildings. They can be purchased with Mana Stones.

- The previous achievements and Summoner's Way quests related to glory buildings have been changed into skill upgrade achievements and quests.

* Summoner's Way quests related to glory buildings cleared before the v8.1.4 update will remain as completed and you will be available to collect rewards. Please make sure to collect unclaimed rewards beforehand since the achievements will be removed after the update.


▶ [Cairos Dungeon] Rune Drop Rate Revamp

- The drop rate of upper-grade Runes in B1-B10 of [Giant's Keep, Dragon's Lair, Necropolis, Spiritual Realm], including Abyssal Floor, has been greatly increased.

- The drop rate of lower-grade Runes has been removed in certain floors of Cairos Dungeon.

: [2★ Rune] from B3 / [3★ Rune] from B5-B6 / [4★ Rune] from B7 / [5★ Rare Rune] from B8 will no longer be dropped. The drop rate of upper-grade Runes has been increased by the removed rates of these Runes.


▶ [Rift of Worlds] Reward Revamp

[Rift Raid] Revamp Details

- [Level 5] The drop rate of Beast Horns/Claws has been greatly increased.

: The drop rate of Beast Claws and Beast Horns has increased by about 3.5 times and 2 times, respectively.

- [All Levels] The Mana Stone reward that was dropped as a battle reward with a certain chance will now be dropped at all times like Cairos Dungeon. The drop rate of upper-grade Grindstones has been increased by the removed drop rate of Mana Stones in all levels.


- The selling cost of Grindstones/Ancient Grindstones has been increased.



Rift Dungeon] Revamp Details

: Beast Horns/Claws will now be dropped as the Grade SSS reward.

: The drop rate of Rare Enchanted Gems has been greatly decreased, and the drop rate of Hero+ Enchanted Gems has increased by that removed drop rate.


▶ [Craft > Special] A "Gem" crafting feature that allows you to craft Enchanted Gems of the set you want by using Beast Horns/Claws has been added.




▶ [Gateway] The Repeat Battle count has been increased to 30 times.


- You can proceed with either 10-time or 30-time Repeat Battle. To use the 30-time Repeat Battle, simply tick the "30x Repeat Battle" checkbox in the Repeat Battle preparation screen.

: 30x Repeat Battle will continue up to 2 defeats, but it'll end if you lose a battle 3 times.


▶ A [Sell Exclusion Settings] that helps you set sell options for Runes, Artifacts, Enchanted Gems, and Grindstones obtained from Repeat Battle efficiently has been added.

: Here's the Sell Exclusion Settings screen for Artifacts, Enchanted Gems, and Grindstones that wasn't shared in the Developer's Note.




* Up to 8 Sell Exclusion Settings can be set. The settings are applied simultaneously and the item will be excluded from selling if at least one property fulfills the condition set in Sell Exclusion Settings #1-8.


▶ [Rune/Artifact/Enchanted Gem/Grindstone/Engraved Conversion Stone] The list of items that can be repurchased with Mana Stones has increased from 20 to 60.


▶ [World Arena] Improvements

- The Favorites slot where you can register the Monsters you often use in the World Arena has been increased from 40 to 50 slots.

- The total number of Summoners you can add to your Favorites for World Arena replay has been increased from 20 to 30. The number of games saved in the replay list has increased from 20 to 30.

- [World Arena/Special League/2vs2 Team Battle] A UI that displays your network status has been added.


▶ A default 5★ re-summon page, designed for Summoners who experienced issues with the New Monster Rate Up SP Summon, has been added.

- Summoners who summoned a default 5★ Monster via [New Monster Rate Up SP Summon] while having [Splendid Blessing of Summon] between the v8.1.2 update on Oct. 27th and before the error resolution on Oct. 31st will be applicable for the re-summon.

* Applicable Monsters: All default 5★ Monsters including Dokkaebi Lord


- The page will be available after the v8.1.4 update on Nov. 15th until Nov. 30th 6:59am PST.

* The re-summon page will not be displayed if you're not applicable for the re-summon.


- The summoned Monster will be retrieved on this page, and either [Splendid Scroll] or [Splendid Water/Fire/Wind Scroll] that allows you to re-summon default 5★ Monsters after retrieval will be sent out.

(If you replaced the Monster with Ancient Crystals, you can proceed with the re-summon process with Ancient Crystals instead of retrieving the Monster. If Ancient Crystals are insufficient, the amount of Ancient Crystals will be displayed as a minus.)

- All the items used for progressing the retrieved Monster (evolution, awakening, skill level-up, etc.) will be refunded upon retrieval.


▶ Package Renewal

- A package that charges 290 Energy when charging Energy once has been added.

: 300 Energy will be charged when the MAX Energy Storage +10 is applied from the effect of Daily Pack Ⅰ.


- Rune-related packages have been improved as follows.

: [Shop > Suggested > Rune] Rune Special Price Pack, Rune Pack Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ / [Rotation Product] Rune Package, Rune Special Price Pack


- The monthly purchase limit of the following products from Shop has been changed to 2 times per month.

: [Shop > Suggested > Legend] Legendary Attribute Pack / [Shop > Efficient > Special Pack] Special Pack Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Devilmon Special Pack, and Summoner Pack


- [Shop > Efficient > Special Pack] The components of Special Pack Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Summoner Pack have been improved as follows.


▶ Content QoL Improvements

- [Inbox] You can now check the info of all the Runes when collecting multiple Runes at once.

- [Craft Building] The crafting animation will now be played faster when you craft multiple Runes, Grindstones, and Engraved Conversion Stones.

- The SWC icon on the right of the main screen has been changed back to the MEDIA icon.

- [Gateway] A notification pop-up that confirms your decision to proceed with Repeat Battle when you don't have enough Energy will no longer appear.

- [Dimension Hole] You can now earn points instantly without having to go through the pop-up when collecting points by completing Monthly Missions.


▶ Game Error Fixes

- Fixed an issue of the skill effects of (Wind) Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree's [Joyful Stroll] being displayed abnormally in World Boss battles.


▶ Siege Battle Season 14 Pre-Notice

- Siege Battle Season 14 Schedule: Dec. 4th 11am, 2023 - Feb. 27th 10:59pm, 2024

- Siege Battle Season 14 Tournament: Feb. 29th 11am - Mar. 16th 11:59pm

- The Siege Battle Season 14 rewards are as follows.


▶ [v8.1.4 Update​] Celebration Special Gift!

To express our gratitude to all of you waiting for the server maintenance, we'll be sending out the following rewards to your Inbox.

Make sure you log in during the specified period to collect the rewards.



■ Recipient: All servers

■ Rewards: Devilmon x1, Energy +300

■ Reward Collection Period: Nov.​ 15th 02:30am to Nov.​ 16th 02:30am PST.​




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