Update Special Mission Point Event


Greetings from Com2uS!


Clear daily missions and earn points to exchange them for various rewards including a [Devilmon, Legendary Scroll] and more!


Please check below for more details.


■ Schedule

After each server update - Dec. 17th 6:59am PST

Rewards available until Dec. 18th 6:59am PST


■ Details


EVENT 1 - Clear missions daily to earn points and rewards!


<How to Earn Points>

- Enter Scenario: 3pts

- Enter Giant's Keep + Dragon's Lair + Necropolis + Spiritual Realm + Steel Fortress + Punisher's Crypt: 5pts

- Enter Rift of Worlds: 5pts


<Daily Mission Reward>

150pts: Mana Stone +200,000

300pts: Energy +100


EVENT 2 - Clear Bonus Missions and earn bonus points!


<Bonus Mission List>

- Enter World Boss 6 times: 200pts

- Enter World Boss 15 times: 300pts

- Enter Dimension Hole 50 times: 200pts

- Enter Dimension Hole 100 times: 400pts

- Enter Abyssal Floor 100 times: 100pts

- Enter Abyssal Floor 200 times: 200pts

- Enter Abyssal Floor 300 times: 300pts

- Enter Abyssal Floor 400 times: 400pts

- Enter Abyssal Floor 500 times: 500pts

- Clear Giant's Keep (Abyss) 1 time: 100pts

- Clear Dragon's Lair (Abyss) 1 time: 100pts

- Clear Necropolis (Abyss) 1 time: 100pts

- Clear Spiritual Realm (Abyss) 1 time: 100pts


EVENT 3 - Collect rewards according to the Total Points Earned!


1,000pts: Energy +200, Mana Stone +300,000

2,000pts: 4★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x2, Ancient Coin +20

3,000pts: Mystical Scroll x5

4,000pts: Crystal +150, Ancient Coin +30

5,000pts: Devilmon x1

6,000pts: 5★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x1, Reappraisal Stone x1

7,000pts: 6★ Legend Rune x2 (Select Type)

8,000pts: Legendary Scroll x1

9,000pts: Mystical Scroll x2 

10,000pts: Mystical Scroll x2


※ Please Read



- Missions reset every day at 7am PST.

- Scenario: Dimensional Rift won't count.

- Rift of Worlds: Rift Dungeon and Rift Raid will count.

- The mission difficulty level will be lowered for Summoners at Lv. 49 or below after the event opens, and the lowered difficulty level will remain even if they reach Lv. 50.


- The reward will be available for 24 hours after the event ends. 

- Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays. 

- Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward in the Inbox. 

- The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in. 

- For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting

Accept the challenge.
Those who are ready will deserve the honor of victory.


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