v8.3.4 Update Notice


Hi, it's Com2uS.


Summoners War v8.3.4 has been updated. Please check below for details!


* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.




v8.3.4 Update Details 




▶ The skill balance of some Monsters was adjusted.

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▶ The Witcher Collab Original Monsters [Magic Order Guardian / Swordsinger / Enchantress / Elementalist] Added

- You can summon the original Monsters after the v8.3.4 update for each server.


▶ [Siege Battle] UI / Menu Added for Battle Statistics Overview

- You can view the aggregate battle record of all guild members for the current battle through the UI added to 

[Battle Status] and [Siege Battle Info > Battle Record > Battle Info].

: The information on Attack/Defense attempts and success rates and Monster usage data will be displayed.

: You can filter the records by the opponent guilds currently on the battlefield.



- [Siege Battle > Info > Battle Record] The season record of all guild members for each season will be available under Season Record.


- By setting "Show My Season Record" as OFF in [Settings > Options > Other Settings],

you can only display the number of successful Attack/Defense attempts and hide the success rates and Monster usage data.

※ Battle records will be saved based on the season data and will be available for Siege Battles held after the v8.3.4 update.


▶ [Siege Battle] Searching Formation by Monsters

- You can sort defense formations saved in the HQ by Monsters using the new Monster search feature added to the HQ Support screen.

: You can select a Monster and sort only the formations that include the selected Monster. Up to three Monsters can be selected.


▶ [Siege Battle / World Guild Battle] Notification for Monsters without Runes/Artifacts

- A notification icon will be displayed if Monsters without Runes/Artifacts engraved are placed in

the bases of [Siege Battle / World Guild Battle] or your [Defense > Place Defense].



- [Siege Battle] If Monsters without Runes/Artifacts engraved are placed in a defense formation when you are trying to move it to a base,

you can notify the guild member who set up the formation via Private Chat.


▶ [World Guild Battle] Best Record Added / Modified

- [User Profile] "Guild Battle" under Best Score has changed to "World Guild Battle."

- [Guild Info] Best World Guild Battle info has been added.

※ Best record for World Guild Battle will be displayed after the first tallying period of the World Guild Battle held after the v8.3.4 update.

Only the guild members who participated in the World Guild Battle after the update as Attack/Defense members will be displayed.


▶ [Load Runes/Artifacts] Feature Added

- A button for [Load Runes/Artifacts] has been added to the Monster info window that opens in the battle preparation screen.


- You can tap on the [Load Runes/Artifacts] button to select a Monster from the list

and load Runes/Artifacts from the selected Monster to equip them at once on the target Monster.


※ If you select a Monster of the same Attribute/Type, you will also load its Artifacts.

If you select a Monster of a different Attribute/Type, only its Runes will be loaded,

but if there is an Artifact of the same Attribute/Type, you can load it by checking [Load Artifacts Too]. 


▶ [Rune, Artifact, Gem/Grindstone Manage] Sorting Feature Improved

- [Rune Manage / Artifact Manage] You can sort Runes/Artifacts based on the sum of the Sub Property values. 

※ Sub Property values are calculated based on the maximum value that can be added to the Rune/Artifact from power-ups.

(Excludes values amplified by Grindstones)


- You can sort results in ascending/descending order in [Rune Manage], [Artifact Manage], and [Gem/Grindstone Manage].


▶ [Monster Marker] Related Features Improved

- [World Arena] Monster marker button has been added.

- [Battle Preparation Screen] You can sort Monsters by "By Marker" in the Manage Monster Deck pop-up.


- A confirmation pop-up will no longer appear when you set or remove a marker.


▶ [Challenge of Ascension] Improved

- You can view each floor's information through the "Strategy Info" button added on the UI of Challenge of Ascension.

: You can view the information of Monsters and the Boss that appear in each floor's waves. 


- Other related improvements have been implemented.

: Even if the previous battle was completed in Auto mode, the next battle you enter will start in Manual mode.

: [World Map > Challenge of Ascension] Users who have not unlocked Challenge of Ascension will also be able to view the selection screen.

: The skill effect animation of some Monsters on certain floors has been improved.

※ The ranking addition and floor expansion in Challenge of Ascension has been rescheduled for the first update of June.

We ask for your kind understanding.


▶ Guild Administrators can send private messages to Summoners who have requested to join the guild.

- Guild Administrators can send the message to Summoners in the list under "In Progress."


- The Summoner who received the private message can reply, and they can select each other in the Select User menu in Chat.

- They will be able to share the Monster and Rune info with one another.

- If the Summoner is removed from the list under In Progress due to a canceled/denied request or from joining a different guild,

the Summoner and Guild Administrator will no longer have each other under the chat list or be able to share Monster/Rune information.


▶ [Guild Megaphone] Modified

- The cost of Guild Megaphones has been changed as below.


- The time limit for using [Guild Megaphones] will be shared by all guild members. 

: For example, if the Guild Master uses the Guild Megaphone, the Vice Guild Master can use the Megaphone one hour later.


▶ The Summoning Pieces for Magic Order Guardian have been added to [Shop > Normal > Ancient Coin > Monster Piece].


▶ Other Improvement and Modification

- [Rune] A "Seal" text will be displayed if a Rune set effect has been blocked by the Seal effect.

- [World Guild Battle/Guild Rival Battle/Monster Subjugation] One hour before the end, a notification will inform you of any Attack chances left.

: This notification can be turned ON/OFF by going to [Settings > Options > Push Notification > Detailed Settings].

- The grade of Runes given as day 3 and day 9 rewards of [New Summoner Welcome Special Reward] has been raised.

: (Day 3) Rare Rune x3 → Hero Rune x3 / (Day 9) Rare Rune x5 → Hero Rune x5

※ You can collect the changed rewards after the v8.3.4 update if you have not collected the reward.

You can collect the rewards retroactively if you have purchased the New Summoner Check-in Pass.

- Products available once per account that are displayed based on the game progress can be found in [Shop > Limited > Account Limited Pack].

: The tab is visible only if the products are. You can also find products that were displayed in [Efficient > Growth Pack] in [Account Limited Pack].


▶ Game Error Fixes

- Fixed an error where the [Guardian of the Pharaoh Desert Queen] transmog appeared abnormal when [Gladiator of Wrath] was applied.

- Fixed an error where the passive skill scripts for Lyrith (10F) and Ath'taros (20F) in the five Attribute Towers were displayed incorrectly

in [Settings (cog wheel) > Monster Info] at the bottom of the battle screen.​

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